About Reinder

Code + coffee.

Hi, I'm Reinder. Since 2009 I've built a few dozen apps for iOS, Android and the web.
At LearnAppMaking.com I help people play with code.

As a developer-for-hire I build mobile-centered experiences for desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.I'm an expert developer with an eye for detail. When it comes to doing projects with my clients, I like clear communication and concise code.

I focus on front-end app development, back-end development, user experience design and stuff you hadn't thought of. Most projects I've done asked for innovative solutions to challenging projects. I'm as much a problem-solver as I am a developer.

In the past I've worked with Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch, Xcode, SwiftUI, Java, Kotlin, Android, Firebase, Parse Server, Heroku, AngularJS, MongoDB, JSON/REST/SOAP and done a fair share of command line fu.

With 7+ cups a day, it is said I convert coffee into code...


Companies I've worked for.


Specialist, with a touch of generalist.

App Development

Nothing makes me happier than an app that works well. When it comes to iOS/Android app development, I'll make sure the code runs smooth, is elegantly written and documented properly.


Back-End Development

Almost every app needs a back-end component these days. I can advise you on what works best – Firebase, Parse Server, or custom code – and integrate the app's front-end with the back-end.


User Experience Design

Performant code means nothing if users think your app sucks. Before I work on your app, I'll make mockups and a user experience spec so we both know exactly how the app will work.


Stuff You Hadn't Thought Of

Sometimes you know what you want, but I know a better, more efficient way. I'm driven to create the best app for you, so I'll let you know when there are better ways to do stuff.

What Clients Say

I (usually) don't screw up... ;-)

Willem Mastenbroek

Reinder listens very carefully to your needs and then goes to work completely independently. He ultimately provides a top product! Techies with a communication skill are rare. When you have the chance to hire him, do so right away!

Wietse Wind

In addition to knowledge and skills in iOS development Reinder brings in great communication skills: when Reinder works on a project, he can communicate independently with customers. Reinder communicates punctual and complete, and provides stakeholders in a project with the right information, and takes informed decisions.

Cees Smits
Streaming Buzz

Reinder is a very capable, flexible and creative App builder. We work together for many years and also our customers are satisfied. The technical knowledge of Reinder is always up to date and helps us attracting new clients or helps existing clients to next steps. It is a pleasure working with Reinder.

Jorgo Smaal
MobXS / Oh My App

Reinder is a broadminded perfectionist with outstanding app and platform development skills. Works result driven towards maximal customer satisfaction; possesses top-notch communication and problem-solving competences. With his eye for detail and concise code, he turned out to be a defining asset to our project. I highly recommend working with him. You won't regret it :)

Marianne Johnsen

I met Reinder de Vries at the Technoport conference. Reinder has a way of communicating that introduces "Need to knows" in a relaxed and elegant manner. He tells you what to do, how and why in a way that is easy to understand and inspiring. His knowledge covers not only the coding itself, but just as much the strategy before and after. For a start-up like PeopleUknow there is only one more thing to say: I wish he was on my team and I am hoping that some day he will.

Bobby Ham

It was excellent to work with Reinder. He listened very well to the ideas I had and gave sharp advice in choices for technology and the design of a new app and adjacent database. The choices for making the MVP turned out cost efficient at a high quality level and within planning.