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App Ecosystem: What Do You Need To Know?

A while ago I was brainstorming topics for a short (and free) online course about iOS development. It occurred to me that there’s not much information out there, about what you should know when you’re not going to code apps. All of it is focussed on development and there’s a huge information gap for those who’re not necessarily at the coding end of the app world.

If you’re not going to develop apps, what do you need to know? I’ve put together some cool resources to answer that question.

Pre-Development: What happens before an app is ready?

Any new app starts as an idea, and is then turned into a rough sketch: a mockup. I use Balsamiq Mockups for that. It works great because it’s simple and lacks detail, which makes it good for working out rough ideas.

The next step is transforming the mockup into a graphical design. This is usually done with Photoshop, which exports to a PSD file....

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As a Beginner App Developer, Should I Learn Swift or Objective-C?

On Quora, several times each week I get asked the same question: Should I learn Objective-C or Swift? Together with Dale Grant I dove in to come up with a good answer to this question – read on.

In September 2014 Swift appeared, a new programming language from Apple. It’s used to create apps for Apple’s iOS operating system, and aims to create an easier programming environment for beginners as well as giving experienced programmers better tools for programming. Apple’s not new to designing programming languages, they’ve done so on several occasions since Wozniak’s BASIC.

The big blogs shout that Swift “is it” and is going to change the way we make apps, while opinions on Quora say the opposite. From befriended pro developers I heard, that Swift is giving tools to senior developers that they never got from Objective-C. Professional freelance developer Chris Hulbert says this:


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What To Do When Your MacBook Breaks Down On A Tropical Island

Yeah, I’ve been there: my MacBook broke down on a tropical island in Thailand, a client deadline 3 hours away and no Apple repair shop in a 500 kilometer radius. What do you do? You pray to the Apple gods to have mercy (see picture) and you get your MacGyver face on!


In 2014 I spent around 3 weeks with a friend in South East Asia, traveling to Thailand and Vietnam. We both work online and we’ve worked together on multiple occasions. The main reason for our journey was to attend the awesome DCBKK conference (for internet entrepreneurs) in Bangkok. Before the event we traveled to the tropical island of Koh Lanta (Krabi, Thailand) and after we went to hectic Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

At the time I was very busy with client work, working on several projects with tight deadlines. The dreadful day I had a stressful deadline, an app I’d been working on needed an urgent bug fix. We had...

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