My app design and development firm is called Interactionauts. With a team of remote freelancers, I create user-centered mobile experiences.

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 What Clients Say About Me

Reinder listens very carefully to your needs and then goes to work completely independently. He ultimately provides a top product! Techies with a communication skill are rare. When you have the chance to hire him, do so right away!

Willem Mastenbroek, ManagementSite

With some regularity iPublications relies on the knowledge and expertise of Reinder in iOS app development, Wordpress environments and databases. In addition to knowledge and skills Reinder brings in great communication skills: when Reinder works on a project, he can communicate independently with customers / clients. Reinder communicates very punctual and complete: a very safe feeling. At the right time, Reinder provides colleagues / stakeholders in a project with the right information, summaries and takes informed decisions.

Wietse Wind, iPublications

Reinder is a very capable, flexible and creative App builder. We work together for many years and also our customers are satisfied. The technical knowledge of Reinder is always up to date and helps us attracting new clients or helps existing clients to next steps. It is a pleasure working with Reinder.

Cees Smits, Hoek & Sonépouse


 Streaming Bee

Streaming Bee is a front-end Video On-Demand app for iOS and Android. The player is based on Microsoft PlayReady DRM technology, and integrates with comScore analytics. The white-label player component is a stand-alone library, and can be integrated with any VOD application. On the back-end the player connects, through a custom REST API, with Microsoft Web Services.

Streaming Bee

 Oh My App

Front-end web app written in JavaScript (AngularJS), and HTML 5/CSS. Makes use of advanced HTML 5 API’s. Back-end written in PHP, it’s a custom REST API that interfaces with MySQL and Elasticsearch. The back-end stores 4M data points from the App Store and Google Play.

Oh My App


MijnTherapie is a communication tool for psychologist and their clients. It’s a native app built for both iOS and Android.


 Philips / Onninen

Philips Smart Lighting is a point-of-sale app with product information about lamps and lighting applications. It’s a native app for iPhone, and the product was accompanied by a custom CMS for easy creation of app data.

Onninen / Philips

 Leerhuis / Nestor

“Leerhuis” is a learning management system for tablets, created for OTIB (industry organisation for installations and engineering). It’s a web app built on the CMS capabilities of WordPress, and contains several front-end JavaScript games. The back-end features an comprehensive admin panel for the input of new learning modules and games content.

Leerhuis / Nestor / OTIB


ManagementSite is a newsreader app (iOS and Android) for the popular website, displaying news and articles about management and leadership. It’s built against the REST API of WordPress itself.

ManagementSite is a blog about making apps for iOS. Every week articles about app development and marketing are published. The Pro Course learning resource brings aspiring app makers up to speed on Swift programming, and strategies like App Store Optimization.

 Indie Runway / Add 1 / Sporous

Indie Runway (1) is an app for iPhone that helps independent (“indie”) developers plan their financial runway. Add 1 (2) is a simple game for iPhone, in which you need to add 1 to each of the digits of the number, to gain 1 point. Whoever gets the most points, wins. Sporous (3) is an ideation tool that makes discussing ideas in creative sessions easier.

Indie Runway / Add 1 / Sporous

 Other / Misc


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